Cassette Beasts – Official FAQ

Whether you’ve just arrived or you’ve already played the demo, we wanted to gather in this post some of the most frequently asked questions about Cassette Beasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are we

We are Bytten Studio, a tiny two-person game dev team based in the United Kingdom! We have over a decade and a half of combined experience making indie games and like to create weird and interesting worlds with unique gameplay systems and lots of character!

Our first game, Lenna’s Inception, released in 2020 for PC and has since become a cult hit. For Cassette Beasts, we are teaming up with Raw Fury, who are publishing the game.

  1. Will I be able to carry over my save files from the demo to the final version of Cassette Beasts?

Yes! Your saved files and your mailbox from the demo will carry over into the full release when you play on the same system (Steam, etc).

  1. How many monsters will be available in Cassette Beasts?

There are 120 beasts (including evolutions) to collect in the game and around 14.400 Fusion combinations.

  1. How many partner characters are there?

There are 6 partner characters you can join up with!

  1. Are there shiny/rare coloured monsters in the game?

Cassette Beasts features rare monsters with alternate elemental types and colour palettes called Bootlegs.

  1. Is there a permadeath mode in the game?

We have custom game modes once you’ve completed the main story that let you play through with tape permadeath, and also let you randomize monsters’ types, locations and movesets for a playthrough!

  1. Is there romance? Are there LGBTQ+ romance options?

There is romance with the partner characters in the game, but it is optional (and has no gameplay benefits). Romance is not restricted by gender!

  1. Is there a Co-op mode? How does it work?

Yes! There is local co-op integration where a second player is able to take control of the companion character both in the world and in battle! Only the first player may play the custom character however.

  1. Is there key rebinding in Cassette Beasts?

Yes, you will be able to reassign the keys from the Settings Menu. Press Page Down to view other pages of settings and you’ll find the Keyboard one.

  1. Does the game support Steam Cloud?

Yes, it does!

  1. Are there any plans to release Cassette Beasts’ soundtrack?

You’ll be happy to know the soundtrack will be available on Bandcamp and Steam as part of a DLC including 65 songs! More details coming soon!

  1. Will the game be available on Mac?

The game is supported on Linux – Mac is not currently supported.

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