Born of Bread – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Born of Bread be available?

Fall 2023

Which languages are supported?

English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Who’s developing the game?

WildArts Inc is a team of French Canadians who dream about bringing fantastical worlds, memorable characters, and fun gameplay to you through the remarkable and unique medium of video games. Founded in 2016, the team’s first commercial release was the horror game Helltown. Its sophomore debut is the far more ambitious RPG Born of Bread.

Will this game be available in a physical copy?

No physical release has been confirmed yet, but we’ll update that if anything changes.

How long is the game?

About 15 hours, though this can change significantly if you do all the side content.

Can we change the difficulty of the game?

There is only one difficulty in the game.

What genre will the game be?

Born of Bread is a family-friendly RPG with some puzzles and exploration elements. Combat is turn-based, but precise timing can grant bonus attack damage or defense.

What platforms will Born of Bread be on?

PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series platforms.

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