Bloomtown: A Different Story – Closed Alpha FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this Closed Alpha last?

It is starting today, on December 7th and will be closing on December 18th. After that date, we will be closing the Closed Alpha branch on Steam permanently.

What platform can I play the Closed Alpha on?

The Bloomtown Closed Alpha will be available on PC Windows for Steam exclusively.

Can I stream/record the game?

While there is no formal NDA in place, we kindly request players not to share gameplay content publicly, as it might not represent the final, polished experience. Your understanding and support mean a lot!

Why do I need a gamepad to play?

This is specific to the Closed Alpha which is only playable on gamepad however, mouse & keyboard control will be available at full release.

When will the game release?

We are planning a release in Q2 2024!

Will I be able to keep my progress at launch?

The Closed Alpha is a test period, our goal being to gather your feedback to eventually create the best possible version of the game. Before the full release, chapter 1 will have changed substantially, meaning that, unfortunately, your progress will not be carried over.

What is the duration of the Closed Alpha?

This varies depending on your playstyle: if you follow the main storyline, it should be around 3 hours long.

However, if you are exploring every detail we carefully put in there, it should be closer to 4-5 hours.

I registered through the google form, but wasn’t selected- why?

As this playtest is a Closed Alpha designed to receive specific feedback and improve the game before its final release, we required a certain number and type of players with set favourite genres & playstyles. We are sorry to hear you were not selected – however do not worry, as a demo will be available for all in early 2024!

Can I still join the Closed Alpha?

Unfortunately, we are not looking for additional players at the moment.

Keep in touch for the demo next year!

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