Gameplay FAQ

Is there multiplayer in any shape or form?

No. Biomutant is a singleplayer experience.

What genre is Biomutant?

Action Adventure

How will classes work?

Classes provide an initial equipment loadout to start with.

Each class has 5 exclusive class-specific perks; The Mercenary’s perks are a mix of different classes’ perks.

The Psi-Freak additionally has the Spark Ball mutation unlocked from the beginning, which is exclusive to that class (a sparky form of the fiery Sizzle Ball).

Will Breed affect the gameplay or story?

Story: No.

Gameplay: Only in the beginning, because of the marginal change in base stats specific to each breed.

Will the loot be random?


Will the HUD be customizable?

Yes. HUD size, map markers, damage numbers, comic book effects, subtitle size/color/background, and more.

What is the total map size of BIOMUTANT?

8 kilometres by 8 kilometres = 64 square kilometres/ 24.71 square miles

Post campaign / end game / New Game+?

Yes, NG+ will be in the game.

(NG+) You start at the foot of the Tree of Life, skipping the tutorial, including the Childhood Village. From there, you can join any Tribe and re-experience the story.

(NG+) You keep your equipment and character stats

(Post campaign/end game) After completing the main quest, there are also a bazillion side quests, areas and characters to discover.

Is the story nonlinear, meaning am I able to go do my own thing?

You can do whatever you want. Some areas need some prerequisites though, in order for you to survive/be able to traverse.

How ‘open’ is the world?

As open as can be, but beware of the Surf. 😉

Will the game world feature a central hub, where players can receive missions, walk around, and interact with the world, or will it be a menu-based experience?

Things are being done a little differently in Biomutant. There is a huge quest-pool from which events/quests etc are drawn when you enter a region of the game world.

Will there be achievements?


Will there be achievements on other platforms than steam such as Epic and GOG?

Epic Games Store: No. Yes.

Will there be a photo mode?


Will Biomutant have accessibility features like aim lock or assist, button toggles or subtitle backgrounds?

Yes, to everything except for aim lock/assist.

How many difficulties are there and how are they scaled (e.g. Bullet sponge enemies or enhanced enemy AI)?


Enemy defence and offense scale with selected difficulty level

How long is the game estimated when not rushing the game?

If you do not end a specific event (which we don’t want to spoil) early, we are roughly looking at ~25 hours for the main quest. 100% is more like 50h.

Will we have a transmog system to change and paint clothes?

No, but equipment can be upgraded to keep the awesome looking gear while also raising the stats (to some extent).

Video FAQ

Explanation Trailer for Biomutant.

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