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What is Big Fat Battle?

Big Fat Battle is, at its core, a fast paced arena shooter. You and your friends will enter servers of 32 people split into 2 teams. In each match there are 5 rounds, and after each round a certain number of players from the losing team are eliminated from the game. Team numbers are then rebalanced. Each round lasts around 2mins 30 seconds with unlimited respawns. The only focus is getting as many kills as you can and boosting your team score.

Round 5 (the final showdown) is a 3 vs 3, no respawn elimination mode. You bring all of your previously purchased and upgraded loadout into a last man standing, winner takes all fight!

Tell me about loadouts

Ok! During rounds you will collect coins dropped by players and NPCs. You also get coins for finishing the round as well as prizes for the star player etc. These coins can then be used between rounds to purchase from ‘the wheel’ new weapons and upgrade existing ones.

The wheel is random with 6 options offered. You’ll find weapons (both traditional and … experimental), throwables, permanent buffs and upgrades to choose from. These selections are persistent throughout the match. Try out different combinations to find what works best for you.

How do the characters differ?

Each character has its own unique stat profile across health, speed, jump, stamina and melee damage. They also vary wildly in shape and size. You can supplement your choice with a variety of melee weapons, each of which will bring its own stat adjustment (hint, broccoli is good for your health!)


Powerups are randomized pickups you can find through the levels. These will give you or your team a short burst of a powerful boost to help shift the tide of battle, or debuff the enemy team. There are quite a few to experience, from shields and infinite ammo to giving the opponent team huge heads! Each has their benefits and collecting these may help tip the balance of a close round.

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