Astro Colony – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will there be multiplayer at some point?

Yes there is going to be a multiplayer! It will be a part of Early Access release next year! We did already some preparation testing replication in the game!

Extended multiplayer with full Steam Integration is part of our “Stretch Goals”. This means that we will be able to offer full API Steam integration including invites, messages, finding servers and ranks!

Q: I backed with a reward that includes early testing, when will this be available?

Exclusive access to beta testing will be available at the end of this year! Currently we are working hard to bring the demo to all backers in the middle of the campaign.

Q: Do you plan to release Astro Colony on other platforms?

Yes! Releasing on XBox & Playstation is one of our stretch goals. First person camera and controller support is already implemented, so shipping to consoles is just a matter of time!

Q: What makes your game stand out from other titles in the genre?

  • Infinite procedurally generated (Fully destructible) voxel universe
  • First game ever where your ‘sim city’ can move
  • Grid system with plenty of interesting mechanics

Q: Is there going to be any form of logic circuit in the game?

Yes of course! There are some logic blocks already implemented in the game, some of which you can see in the trailer. And much more is under development!

Q: How much is the game going to cost?

During our kickstarter campaign the game is available for pre-order at a 20% discount, with a 10% discount available at launch. Retail price will be $19.99

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