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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Ash of Gods: The Way the sequel to your previous game, Ash of Gods: Redemption?

  • No. The story of The Way is set 20 years after the events of Redemption and you’ll come across some familiar faces, but the story is not directly connected and the gameplay of The Way is entirely separate from Redemption’s. So while it’s definitely related, it’s not a sequel.

Can I play Ash of Gods: The Way without having played Ash of Gods: Redemption?

  • Definitely! There may be a few references you may not understand, but Ash of Gods: The Way is a completely fresh experience fit for players new to the universe.

How is Ash of Gods: The Way different from Ash of Gods: Redemption?

  • Redemption is a more classic turn-based, tactical RPG experience: the battlefield consists of tiles, a unit can move a certain amount of tiles and can use a number of attacks when an enemy is in range. If you’ve played a tactics game before, you’ll know how this works.

The Way, on the other hand, features a unique blend of turn-based tactics, card game mechanics and puzzle elements. You can use cards to put units on the field, they will walk forward every turn until they face an enemy, then automatically attack. Every battle will feature new mechanics and challenges you’ll need to ‘solve’, and it’s key to build the right deck for the battle at hand. There is no one right solution though, there are many ways to win a battle!

Why does every battle have different mechanics?

  • The game of The Way was created to train new high-skilled Frisian commanders. To be successful, they have to be able to adapt to many different and often unfair situations. Every battle is a new challenge of your wits and strategy!

There seems to be a large difference in difficulty between some battles, will you be improving the balance?

  • We’re always trying to balance the game as much as possible. This is a difficult task, however, as every player is different. Some players may find a good strategy for a specific battle immediately, while others may need to try again and again. Some people already have a good deck for that battle, while others may need to make some changes.

We’re not saying the current balance is set in stone, but we’re confident enough in the current balance that we believe anyone can beat every battle if you take some time to prepare! More on this below.

I can’t beat a specific battle, any advice?

  • We can advise you to not grow attached to a single deck for the whole game. Certain cards will work really well in certain battles and perform poorly in others. Berkanan units work well in a lot of situations, but maybe a Bandit unit is what you need to break through a specific blockade. If you lost a battle, try to determine what you struggled to deal with, then adapt your deck to counter that.

In the briefing screen before you enter a battle, you’ll be able to ask Eik to discuss the battle at hand. He may be able to offer some valuable insights!

How long is the game?

  • The length really depends on your skill level and difficulty setting. The game is very replayable if you want to explore the many possible story paths or want to try a new deck or strategy. There are four full tournaments to win, so there’s plenty to do!


This battle isn’t going well, is there any way to restart the battle without finishing it?

  • Almost any battle can be restarted from the menu screen (Escape Button). Do keep in mind that restarting a battle counts as a loss in battles where you can only afford to lose a certain number of times.

I have a hard time keeping track of the enemy’s moves. Is there any way to slow their moves down?

  • You can slow down the enemy’s movements from the menu screen (Escape Button) by toggling ‘Slow down enemy turn’. This will increase the delay between every unit’s movement, which should make it alot easier to keep track of everything.

Do I need to be online to play Ash of Gods: The Way?

  • Ash of Gods: The Way is fully playable without an internet connection once fully downloaded.

Will the game feature multiplayer?

  • The game won’t feature multiplayer at launch, but we’re open to the possibility of adding multiplayer in the future.

How does Ash of Gods: The Way play on Steam Deck

  • The game is fully playable on Steam Deck from beginning to end. The only issue you may come across is that the text in the game can be quite small, and there’s currently no way to resize this.

Are you planning to do content updates in the future?

  • There are currently no concrete plans, but we do have some fun ideas. If the game performs well, we will be happy to continue updating the game!
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