Age of Wonders 4 – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.)

When will the Age of Wonders 4 be available?

The game will be released on May 2nd, 2023!

What platforms will Age of Wonders 4 be on?

PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5

Where do I pre-order the game?

Pre-orders will be available soon — stay tuned for more!

Does the game have online or co-op gameplay?

Age of Wonders 4 multiplayer is versatile and replayable, supporting both Classic and Simultaneous games. Thanks to our adaptive systems each Turn System provides a seamless experience whether you’re playing as a team or against one another.

What is asynchronous multiplayer?

In Age of Wonders 4 Multiplayer, each player can take their turn when it suits them, without requiring all the players in the session to be online at the same time. It’s easy to fit some play time into a busy day!

How is AoW4 different from the previous games?

The classic gameplay of Age of Wonders is bolstered by new systems to add more player choice and customization than ever before, with the game world growing and changing in response during – and after – each game. Players’ rulers and units evolve both visually and mechanically and leave their mark on the player’s growing list of potential enemies and allies.

I have a question I want to ask a Developer, where can I do that?

We will hold regular AmA sessions with the Dev Team on the Official Discord [link] and Forum [link]. Make sure to follow both of them not to miss a thing!

How often will Development Diaries get released, and where can I read them?

We aim to release Dev Diaries on a weekly basis, and you will be able to read them on our forum, official website, and on our Steam page.

Can I get the sign-up bonus/gift on other platforms?

Unfortunately, due to the technical features of different platforms, the sign-up bonus is only available on Steam. The item itself will be available for purchase in other stores after the release. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Will the dire penguin be back?


Will there be dragons in the game?

Yes, AoW4 will feature mighty dragons, and we’ve done our best to make them look powerful and imposing on the battlefield. Next to dragons there are wyverns that can act as mounts for your heroes!

Will the game OST be available somewhere?

The game soundtrack will definitely be available later, however, we are now not ready to share any details on the format. Many fans will be happy to hear the score is composed by Age of Wonders veteran Michiel van den Bos!

Will there be a campaign?

Story and lore are very important in AoW4. The game is centered around Magehaven, from which the Godir travel to magical realms within the Astral Sea. The Godir are a cast of ancient Wizard Kings and newly ascended Mortal Champions, which together form the Pantheon.

The Godir venture to a variety of realms to investigate and conquer. Some of these realms are “Story Realms”, which construct an unfolding plot. Through these Story Realms the campaign is integrated into the Pantheon system. You can compare the structure to an open world RPG, where our story Realms are like the main plot, and the other realms are more like side missions and/or exploring the wilderness of the universe.

We are going to have a dedicated Dev Diary with more details about Lore and Story Realms next week, Feb 2nd. Keep an eye on the Forum on Thursday!

Will different climates and environments affect the morale of races like in aow3?

We have handled race-terrain interaction a bit differently in AoW4. Some race transformations give morale bonuses in certain terrain types. Frostlings are happier in the arctic, for example. Additionally, some races have traits that allow them to settle in inhospitable places, or develop abilities to harness environmental features in unique ways.

In Age of Wonders 2 there were these 4 shrines for the different spirits (nature, magic, order, war) where you could get quests and nice rewards from time to time. Are they coming back in some form?

Age of Wonders 4 features an elaborate narrative event system that confronts your ruler with quests, leadership dilemmas, and boons coming from your empire or the larger world. Some of these events are centered around powerful entities connected to one of the game’s affinities (Nature, Astral, Chaos, Order, Shadow and Materium). Pending the affinities you pursue they may contact you with quests or boons testing your dedication to your affinity. So a different implementation but a similar concept!

Will there be an option for co-op in the campaign?

The Story Missions are exclusively single-player, but players can of course play Special Challenge Realms in co-op.

Will everything presented during the show be available at the release?

Generally speaking — yes. However, it is important to remember that everything we show now is a “work in progress” as we are doing our best to improve the game before release. So some things might be slightly changed in one way or another.

Will the game support modding? Will there be a map editor?

The game will definitely support modding, however, the scope of modding tools is still being determined. While previous games can give you some understanding of what to expect, we highly recommend waiting for an official statement from the team — we’ll make it as soon as we have some news to share.

Will the game be available on Mac or GoG?

At the moment we are not planning to release Age of Wonders 4 on Mac, sorry. GoG is now at the discussion stage so we are not ready to make any promises.

In case of any changes, we will let you know on our Website, Steam, and social media channels!

Will Horned God be in the game?

Yes, the Entwined Summons you can research through the Nature Tomes are ruled over by the Horned God.

Will the PC version of the game feature gamepad support?


Will the PS5/Xbox Series versions have Keyboard & Mouse Support?

While PS5 allows you to use a keyboard & mouse, console versions of Age of Wonders 4 will not support them.

Will there be Steam Deck support?

The Steam Deck is a very exciting platform and it’s an avenue we’re exploring. However, it is now too early to provide any details so we will keep you posted.

What happened to the heroes and characters of AoW3?

As we hinted at in our 3rd Dev Diary, you will encounter some familiar faces as you play through the ‘Rise of the Godir’.

Can you get pantheon points only by completing singleplayer maps or also in multiplayer?

Any Map you play, whether it’s a Story Realm, Custom Realm, or even a Multiplayer match will allow for ascension of Rulers and gaining Pantheon XP.

Will there be a hot seat mode?

Yes, AoW4 features Hot Seat gameplay. Changing a Ruler slot from AI to Human in the Advanced setup will turn your game into a Hot Seat one.

And what about other multiplayer modes?

We have simultaneous & classic turn mode. You can play versus, either free for all or in teams.

And you can add AI players in multiplayer, allowing you to fill empty slots or do a comp stomp. I.e. humans v.s. AI.

Are there any plans for a physical limited (collectors) version of the game?

Unfortunately, there will be no physical version of Age of Wonders 4 this time.

Will player cities have militia like in Planetfall?

We have a new Siege System that is key in handling your City Defenses, but we’ll talk about that more in-depth in the future.

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