Day of Dragons – Some FAQ

Day of Dragons - Some FAQ
Day of Dragons - Some FAQ

Some Questions About the Game

Since it is a survival game, will certain groupings of dragons be discouraged?

I.e a bunch of microdragons following around a behemoth for example, or small juvies trying to follow some unrelated adults around and feed off of any scraps they leave behind. Will this be frowned upon?

I personally hope this ISN’T the case; certain other survival games with packing restrictions kind of killed what made the game fun, imo. Having the freedom to interact with every other player you come across however you’d like (chasing them away from a spot you want to yourself, befriending them, helping them hunt, or fighting them) is part of what keeps games like this fun, in my opinion. There’s sort of a random aspect to it, never knowing what you’ll find and what alliances you’ll make.

In certain other games, it kind of just ends up boiling down to “oh, a pack of [x creature], time to not get near them because rules dictate we’ll be banned if we coexist/aren’t instantly hostile. Oh, a pack of [x creature]. Well, rules dictate I’m prey for them, so time to not interact/stay far away.” There’s no player choice to let them see for themselves what will and won’t harm them.

Will there ever be a system to allow players to select their own skins?

KS rewards included some skins (friends and I will have the black dragon skin); the big question is, will non-random skins ever be something considered? It’d be super neat to be able to unlock different patterns and colors and be able to select them. It’s always fun in games to show off your achievements, like, hey, I did this really difficult thing and got a striped skin pattern and blue color pallet! Check me out!

Unlockable skins and color pallets from doing difficult tasks might also have the same effect as a colorful animal in nature, actually: someone sees an adult of a species they’d normally try to tussle with, but notice they have a skin for something combat-related. It might make them think twice about challenging them.

Will dragons be able to pick up eggs?

Since some seem to be able to feed off of eggs, will picking them up (fertilized or unfertilized) ever be considered? Imagine being the parents of a fertilized clutch about to hatch, when suddenly one gets stolen and you have to either make the choice of leaving the nest unguarded to save the single egg, or go after the egg thief. Also, being able to pick up eggs as a parent would be interesting if your dragon lives a nomadic lifestyle.

Have any wingless or eastern-type dragon concepts been considered?

We have wyverns, multi-winged, and traditional western dragons unveiled so far; we know behemoths will be flightless. Are eastern dragons something that are being considered? Or simply long, noodly, wingless dragons? Could be neat to try to live as a terrestrial creature instead of something more nimble that can take to the air!

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