The Legend of Bum-Bo – Huge FAQ

The Legend of Bum-Bo - Huge FAQ
The Legend of Bum-Bo - Huge FAQ


Q: How long is an average play session?

A: Currently about an hour to beat the normal game, but id like to cut it down to 45 min or less. there is a great deal more thinking in bum-bo compared to an action game like isaac so i assume smarties out there will probably have much quicker play sessions.

Q: Will it have lots of unlocks like isaac?

A: The unlocks in bum-bo mirror those in isaac, but isaac has a remake and 7 years of dlcs.. so dont go in expecting an obscene amount of unlocks like isaac currently has.

Q: Will there be difficulty modes in bum-bo?

A: yes and no. Much like isaac bum-bo’s difficulty scales with how much you play/unlock. it starts out on easy with characters that are more simple to play as, but the more you play and unlock, the harder the game becomes and the more challenging the characters you unlock become.

Q: How long is an average session now?

A: It takes about 10-15 min to beat a chapter now that we have tuned everything up a ton.

Q: Do different characters have different item/spell pools like in dicey dungeons and slay the spire?

A: No, all the items we have in work well with each character. the characters are designed to play differently at their core so forcing pools felt a lot less fun than a more full random isaac like experience. we currently have well over 100 spells and 100 trinkets (passive effects) and possibly more once we release.. making each play session very different even if you use the same character.

Q: How is replayability? Are there multiple unlocks and or endings? or is it a one shot?

A: There are currently 4+ characters you unlock by finishing the game with each of them, you can also unlock their starting items as well as 10 more locked items and other things the more you play and the better you do. think of this as on the scale of the original flash version of isaac in terms of replay unlocks. there are multiple endings for sure.

Q: How many floors are there and will you be doing alt floors?

A: There are only a few floors in bum-bo but i cant detail out how many or it will spoil stuff. there wont be any alt paths, but if you guys dig it i dont see why we couldnt add stuff like that in a dlc if it makes sense to the design.

Q: Does the game have a tutorial?

A: Yes, the game starts with a playable tutorial that goes over all you need to get playing, i may post a video of that Friday.

Q: How is it going to be for a dirty casual, like myself?

A: If we are talking difficulty, that’s something we are currently balancing. i want the game to feel hard but fair, currently its harder than id like so we are nerfing and then scaling up the difficulty much like we did with isaac, the more you unlock, the harder it will become.

Q: Will Bum-bo’s puzzle board feature a lot of chaining combos at random like other match 3 puzzle games?

A: No, since bumbo is a match 4 there is less of a chance of chaining combos at random, but each time you do a double combo (two 4+ tile combos with one move ) you will gain a wild tile and with wild tiles there comes a higher % of random chaining. we are trying to push more strategy and reward for smart plays than just random chance.

Q: Are the characters starting items locked to the player or can you unlock them?

A: Each of the characters starting items are locked to the character.. but can be unlocked and added into the items pools by completing specific milestones with each character.

Story / Lore

Q: How is Bumbo related to Isaac? Like lore-wise?

A: That should become apparent as you play, the further you go the more pieces will fall into place. i think people will dig the connection once it all comes into focus, it’s an aspect of isaac’s story im very proud of.

Q: How is this a prequel to the Binding of Isaac?

A: I cant explain this due to it being a spoiler, but lets just say it’s set in the same world as isaac and happens about a month or so before the events that took place in the binding of isaac.

Q: Will Bum-bo feature the religious themes that isaac had?

A: No, the themes explored in Isaac arent explored here, but there are thematic reasons for that. there are still nods to religious items, but the themes dont go beyond that.

Q: Are there multiple endings, i thought there was one route?

A: Yes there are more than a few endings, you’ll understand how/why when you play through the game.

Q: Will bum-bo tie into Repentance?

A: Kinda, Repentance and Bum-bo both add to the story of isaac in interesting ways and give a better picture of why isaac is who he is. there are also items from bum-bo in repentance.

Q: Does bumbo connect itself to repentance in anyway?

A: Yes, some of the story that unfolds in repentance takes place shortly after the events in bum-bo.. but before the events in OG isaac… it will make sense once you finish both games. also there are quite a few enemies/items from bumbo that are finding their way into repentance.

Q: Are there more references to you other games in it?

A: Yes, if you know my older work youll catch quiet a few references.

Q: Is this game actually really related to isaac? or just little references?

A: Yes, this game is a prequel to the binding of isaac, it takes place months before TBOI and will make perfect sense if you beat the games final boss.

Design / Sound

Q: What is the scale of this game compared to isaac?

A: I would put the size of bum-bo at roughly the same as the OG isaac release when it comes to in game content. but if you guys love the game there is no reason why we cant expand it as we go.

Q: Does bum-bo have exploration like isaac?

A: It used to but we cut it, it actually made the game drag out too long and didnt add much or compliment the games puzzle themes well.

Q: Did you actually make this game out of cardboard!!?

A: Not really, the stuff in the trailer that is live action is real, but the in game stuff was all modeled in 3d by James with scans of actual paper and cardboard.

Q: I saw your lets play last week, why arent there many SFX in the game?

A: The game is still in dev and will be till we release ( and lets be honest, probably for quite a few weeks after to make sure everything is perfect ). we currently have in very few SFX so far, we will be adding around 100+ of them over the next few weeks along side lots of balance fixes, cut scenes, visual tweaks and the like.

Q: Why did you change the game from a dungeon crawl where you explore into linear puzzle battles.

A: It wasnt at all fun. the exploration aspect felt dull and uninspired, we had a lot in too, we had traps and hidden coins and even toyed with npcs that had dialog.. its not at all what a puzzle game like this wanted, it made games last for hours and felt counter intuitive so we stripped it down to its core and it sped up game play a ton and kept it feeling fresh and exciting.

Q: Are there other tile types?

A: Outside of the 5 major types and wilds, there are also heart tiles ( rare tiles that heal the player ) and curse tiles that damage the player when matched.

Q: How are characters unlocked?

A: You unlock the first 4 characters by completing chapter 3 with each one in order starting with The Brave ( the only unlocked character at the start)

Q: Will spells have synergy like in isaac?

A: Very much so, most spells were designed to play into specific draft archetypes and tend to synergies in interesting ways.

Q: How many bosses are there per chapter?

A: Currently each chapter has 3 bosses.

Q: Will there be a final boss or multiple final bosses?

A: There is one final boss.

Q: Will there be items unlocks and the like, like in isaac?

A: Yes, there are over 20 locked items and a bunch of endings and other unlocks staggered out that are tied to beating X with Y or doing specific things much like in isaac.

Q: Are item names going to be added?

A: Currently no, we pushed focus on the icon and description of said item, i kinda interested in just seeing what people will call each item.

Q: Was designing a puzzle/turn based roguelike harder than an action one?

A: Very very much so, ive never really made a puzzle game before let alone one as complex as this, so it took a few years to just wrap my brain around what this type of game actually wanted over one like isaac.

Q: What elements did you scrap from bum-bos orginal design?

A: We scrapped a ton, and it wasnt that the elements werent good, they just complemented a game like isaac more than a game like bum-bo and i didnt expect the 2 to be that different. the main things we cut were exploration based, traps, door types, room types, npcs and familiars all got cut due to them slowing down an already long winded game play session.


Q: How much?

A: $14.99 with a small release week discount!

Q: Is the game still coming to iOS and Switch?

A: Yes, eventually.

Q: Will Bum-bo find a new home with a different publisher in the wake of recent events with nicalis?

A: Yes, we are currently very focused on finishing the game on pc first and once its done we will start trying to figure out how to get this thing on Switch. Bum-bo is not a nicalis game, its self published on Steam, we just need a publisher to get it on console.

Q: Will isaac appear in the game?

A: I think so.

Q: What does James smell like?

A: Ive never smelled him in person, but i imagine he smells like these ketchup flavored chips he sent me once.

Q: Can you play it with a game pad?

A: No, not currently anyway.

Q: Will there be more lets plays by Peach and Danielle?

A: Well i guess so, people seemed to really enjoy that so, why not!?

Questions from the First Q&A Livestream

Q: How do you feel about the result you got out of working on Bum-Bo?

A: I think Bum-Bo is incredibly good. I actually think it’s better than I expected. Like if you were to have asked me like 3 months ago, “What’s your feelings on Bum-Bo, what would you score it whatever…”, I’d probably give it a 7 three months ago. It seemed like it was going to be an okay game. Over the past two months I would give it an 8.5-9. It’s really good. I’m super super happy with it and I’m really proud of it. It was one of those situations where on paper it seemed like it made like a lot of sense, but it took so long to get it where it needed to be and there was a lot of guessing.

Quite recently my confidence has been boosted as I gave my nephew a copy. Yesterday I walked in on his dad playing on his version and then his mum watching his dad play, and then her playing. I found out this morning, my nephew, was late for school because his parents stayed up all night taking turns. So yeah people seem to dig it. It might be a bit of a hard sell because it looks so complicated and also looks like Bejewelled. But you know what, people said the same thing about The Bidning of Isaac “looks like Legend of Zelda”, “why would I want to play a randomnly generated version of Zelda?”.

Q: Will there be translation into Russian for the game?

A: I don’t think so.

Q: Are you going to start developing MewGenics after some bigger projects like Super Meat Boy?

A: I wanna start developing MewGenics after Bum-Bo. It was kind of in development behind the scenes. Mostly Tyler working on the engine, because it had to be completely rebuilt from the TeamMeat version, since I have left TeamMeat 4 years ago. Basically we will throw ourselves into that once we get some breathing room. It is a big project. My instinct tells me to do something small. There is still a secret project in the midst, in the next 3-6 months you may see it.

Q: Am I done with the Isaac theme after Bum-Bo and Repentance?

A: I would say yes. I really wanted to explore a prequel type, I don’t know what Isaacy thing with Bum-Bo. I always wanted to make a turn based version of Isaac, like a rogue-like/turn based version of Isaac, more traditional rogue-like. This is kind of a bastardised version of that one and I don’t see myself…I mean if I dive back into Isaac it will be Isaac 2 and it won’t be for at least 5 or 6 years.

Q: Will Bum-Bo live up to the legendary difficulty that made me famous in the first place?

A: I wouldn’t think that legendary difficulty made me famous, but Isaac is not that hard. Meat Boy is actually not that hard. It’s just the way I framed difficulty. The End of Nigh is very hard but my past games weren’t that crazy hard. Bum-Bo is hard, it is. That’s currently what I am working on right now. On my end of the table is balancing difficulty. Currently it’s a little too hard, I want it to be a little easier and sometimes it’s really diffcult to tweak things without things getting too easy because Bum-Bo is a game where if it feels too easy it feels boring and you never want that, that’s the worst thing in the f***ing world so it always needs to be challenging. It’s about how to do that without totally f***king somebody over especially if they are new to puzzle games or turn based games or anything along those lines.

Q: Are we planning this launch on Switch, if so it must have gamepad support or does it only use touchscreen?

A: I’m still not sure what publisher I’m going to go with as I’m talking to a few different ones for Bum-Bo Switch launch. So I have no idea and we’ll definitely cross the bridge when we come to it. I’m really just focusing on making sure this game comes out on Steam and seeing how people respond to it and how much they love it. Then we can always push development in different directions. All that good stuff.

Q: What’s Bum-Bo’s replayability?

A: Bum-Bo is very replayable. I don’t know if you guys have been following with the videos that I’ve been posting but I’ve only been playing the first level and every single run is completely different. It really…it feels like Isaac in that respect, you can play it alot. I’d say it’s as replayable as the flash version of The Binding of Isaac. I’d say that it scales to there to in terms of items, maybe, it has more items than the original Isaac. As far as bosses and enemies and scale of the game overall I’d say it’s on par with the flash version of Isaac when it comes to replayability and hours you’ll spend playing it. Each chapter takes 10-15 minutes usually if you’re not streaming like an idiot and talking about nothing. Which maybe you’re into that, and that’s fine. It’s about the same as Isaac and we’re trimming the fat still. Back two months ago it took about 20 minutes to get through a chapter which was a huge pain, and we sped things up alot. I think we can speed things up a little bit more. We’re just trimming things here and there to make it a more optimal experience.

Q: Was the game made entirely out of cardboard?

A: This is all just digitally cardboard. I believe that some of the images are actually scans of actual cardboard that James had. The live action stuff that you guys saw in the trailer, that’s all real. I know it’s confusing because it looks so similar but this is all just 3D models with my drawings on them.

Q: Why do I keep working on Isaac and it’s world?

A: Probably for the same reason you guys keep playing it. Isaac is the most honest and personal and I feel like I really poured myself into it. Meat Boy was like that too, I mean Meat Boy was essentially a game about me and my wife, and that was personal in itself but Isaac was more a risky project so I felt more emotionally attached. It felt more true to who I am so I’m very attached to it and I don’t want it to stop. I guess you can say there’s some personal things that happened recently when it comes to my family and my upbringing. That kind of brought things back up and I wanted to talk about some stuff that happened before The Binding of Isaac happened. You’ll get to kind of see that in Bum-Bo…eventually if you actually finish the game.

Q: Are we going to be this genius on the game or is it special just for you?

A: I think you guys are going to play better than me. I watch other people play. People who have experience with any kind of match puzzle games tend to really love this game as it’s a strategic version of you know, those kind of games. Bejewelled with the match 3 setup, really it’s all about random chains and moving things around and not having many options. With Bum-Bo you’re able to move the board around more and you’ve got a moveset and it’s really deep strategy, there’s alot going on. I’ve noticed that people that enjoy the simplicity of something like Bejewelled excel at this game as they have experience in these type of games.

Q: If you have max trinkets can you discard one or are you just stuck?

A: You can discard one or you can just cancel the pickup. You can either replace a trinket, so if I had 4 trinkets and I had another one it would say “Do you want to replace a trinket?” and you can click on the trinket to replace it or you can click cancel and then it will just pass the trinket.

Q: What’s the story of the game?

A: The story of the game is what you guys will see and what you guys should know already is that Bum-Bo had a coing stolen from him, and he went down into the sewers to find said coin. In the process he started getting more coins from killing stuff so he continues his quest, not only for his coin, but also more coins so he can gamble them away at the casino. That’s the story. Of course there’s more to it but I’m not going to say sh*t.

Q: What happened to Florian?

A: Florian is very much alive. Florian’s testing this game he’s one of the more obsessive players, he’s given some really good feedback, and some good bug fixing and testing and helping us. He’s pointed out some big holes in some of the design of items which I’ve fixed. Or I should say that James fixed it.

Q: How many achievements in Bum-Bo?

A: Let’s see, so let’s count. So we’ve got the ten main, then we’ve got six and then five, and then two more. So add that up and then you’ve got about the number. We’re probably going to add a few more as we go.

Q: Any funny or broken combos or things you’ve had to fix?

A: Yeah. Bum-Bo the Nimble used to gain mana anytime he dealt damage, period. Which was super busted with a few different attacks. Like there are multi-attacks in the game and stuff like that which deal really piddly amounts of damage like one damage here and one damage there, but it will deal multiple damage. There’s a spell that essentially refills itself, except by one everytime you did it, then you just have to do one again and then go infinite. So there are sh*tloads or were sh*tloads of infinite combos. There still are infinite combos but you really have to work for it. You have to save up your cash, you have to reduce spell cost, you have to reduce charge cost and you have to combo your items. I havent’ really showed much of that on stream, you don’t really see that until mid to late game when items really start speaking to one another and you start comboing.

Q: How is Isaac related to Bum-Bo?

A: I can’t talk about that. You’ve got to play the game. It will make sense when you play through it.

Questions from the Second Q&A Livestream

Q: Legend of Bum-Bo board game?

A: No, not going to happen.

Q: Are they any games that inspired Bum-Bo that we should be playing?

A: So the number one game that inspired Bum-Bo is a game called Puzzle Quest. I love the f**k out of that game. It was an early 2000s game. It was pretty damn simplistic. It was a Bejewelled based RPG where you gain mana off of tiles. It’s still a match 3 system, it was pretty simplistic and I really love that formula alot and I want to just combine that with a more indepth combat turn based experience. This is kind of what it became. But luckily as I was developing this has been in development for almost over 4 years…so Slay the Spire came out shortly after working on it. So I had to play that and kind of get an idea of how things work. It’s because I’m trying to include a kind of draft (card drafting) in there. That’s kind of how the game progresses. So I was able to take examples from Slay the Spire and stuff that they did right and stuff to avoid, of course. Then recently Dicey Dungeons came out which is another game in this genre I guess you could say, ;ike puzzle-based rogue-ish type games. So that was super helpful too. Dicey Dungeons helped me realise how I needed to simplify things in order to make it more bitesize and enjoyable. So Dicey Defeinitely helped a shi*t tonne. Outside of that I would just say Bindong of Isaac. Just trying to make it a turn based Binding of Isaac game with puzzle board stuff.

Q: What’s the plan post-launch for Bum-Bo? Do you plan on releasing any DLCs or updates on the game post-launch?

A: We’re at the point right now that we’re cramming so much in we’re trying to get what we can done. No doubt there will be little bits and pieces that will flow into…I wouldn’t be surprised to see extras pop into the game as we do bug fixes post-launch. If the game is received really well, much like Isaac, I probably will be working on it more and will add mini little not DLCs but updates here and there, maybe an extra character or something like that for free. If it goes really well definitely I’ll do a DLC, for sure, later on.

Q: What would I say the age range of my games are?

A: So I never think of an age rating going in but it’s always M, let’s face it. Even though this is pretty goofy and whatever else I tend to do like random drug references and stuff in my games, like needles and pills. Needles and pills automatically get you an M rating. Is that bad? I mean it does mean less people possibly play my game and that’s kind of a bas business decision on my part but like I care at this point. I just want to make whatever at this point and if it seems true to the design them I’m going to add it. Even with like MewGenics , it’s a cute cat game with all this crazy stuff and from afar I think most people would see it and be like “this is like animal crossing cutesey type game” but it’s totally going to get an M. It is dark and there’s sh*t going on in there.

Q: How many characters will Bum-Bo have? Only the ones I show?

A: No. There’s going to be at least two more that are hidden.

Q: What is youre favourite items in The Binding of Isaac and Bum-Bo?

A: I can’t…how do I f**king choose at this point? My go to for Isaac is Bob’s Brain. For Bum-Bo…I’m in love with all the puzzle spells but I had alot of fun with that chaos card, the chaos spell last time so I’m going to say chaos because that one was fun.

Q: Do I plan on doing something similar to Isaac in terms of infinite endless replayability?

A: I’d say that Bum-Bo is pretty close. I think Bum-Bo is almost infinitely replayable. As replayable as the original Isaac. I think MewGenics will be more replayable than Isaac, that’s it’s design anyway.

Questions from the Third Q&A Livestream

Q: Android release?

A: There is not an Android release planned. We are contractually obligated to release on iOS through our publisher whose name may or may not have changed, not sure how it’s going to work yet. We’re not obligated to release on Android, but you know we’ll see.

Q: Is the Switch release this year?

A: Uh…no. We don’t even know who our publisher is yet. Once the game comes out, so basically this is how the schedule is going to go with this. We have 12 more days of development. We’re developing all the way to the end. We have a bunch of things we need to get in and a few days to tst, as we have a bunch of testers currently, playing the game and we’re trying to get everything nice and perfect for release, and then release. We’ll then obviously do post release updates to make sure all the bug fixes are there and probably figure out what we need to polish and tying up loose ends. Then if the game is received well I’d like to do a mini update later this year, if possible. Obviously we’re going to talk about porting the game sooner than later but I don’t think it’s going to go full force until next year., and then we’ll see when it comes out. You’re going to want to buy it on Steam as that’s where it’s going to be for quite a while. That’s where it’s going to be supported the most, currently.

Q: Isn’t modelling clay an item in this game?

A: Modelling clay from Four Souls came from Bum-Bos modelling clay. It is an item in Bum-Bo.

Q: Are there devil deals in Bum-Bo?

A: Funny story…so much has been cut frokm this game. This is the longest dev cycle I’ve ever worked on, it’s approaching 4 years of development. This game has gone through alot of iterations and alot of stuff got cut. One of the things that was cut was the devil deals. The devil deals in Isaac are kind of funky, they are win more, the way it’s designed and everyone was completely happy with that. I couldn’t come up with a great way to do devil deals for this but they were in and we had a bunch of items that were based on devil deals. We actually had a whole devil for that but it didn’t work, it didn’t make sense so we cut it. We had so many things that were cut, we had traps and things you had to defuse like time sensitive…we had to keep stripping things out of the game in order to keep it streamlined and fun.

Q: Are there cat related items in this game?

A: Yes.

Q: When will I spoil Chapter 2?

A: Probably on launch.

Q: What are your favourite enemies from the game?

A: I like enemies that cast spells. There’s alot of enemies that do unique things to your board or your items or summon other enemies or cause some status effects and stuff like that, those are usually the most fun. Although I mean the bosses are where it’s at as they change gameplay.

Q: Any Peach easter eggs in Bum-Bo?

A: The only easter egg currently is the delay of the game. (laughs) That’s a Peach easter egg. I don’t know probably something subconciously I put in here that links to her but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Q: Are Guppy items in the game?

A: Um…yes.

Q: Add Dark Bum-Bo or Key Bum-Bo.

A: Uh…no.

Q: How would Bum-Bo control on console?

A: I’m not sure. It’s another one of those little things I need to figure out. I’ll need to look into how other puzzle games do controls with gamepad, and then figure that out.

Q: Can you pre-order this wednesday?

A: I think that’s the plan. I think Bum-Bo pre-orders will be start going up on wednesday with discount. You will know as soon as I know for sure.

Q: Will it be PC only or will there be Mac compatibility?

A: So Apple is doing dumb sh*t (I’ve said this in the last stream) making it very difficult for you to publish anything anywhere on Mac. So I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, if ever. I know the Gish revamp isn’t going to be on Mac, for sure. I highly recommend you boot to PC on your Mac and just stop using Macs, come on.

Q: What’s your favourite trinket and enemy?

A: So the big difference between The Binding of Isaacs items and The Legend of Bum-Bos items is that in TBOI there are some items that are kind of not as good, and there are items that people avoid etc etc. This game has pretty well rounded balanced items. So every item that you get is good. So it’s hard to say what my faovurite is, uh especially with like a trinket there are 100 trinkets and they all do really unique things. There’s a cycle of trinkets that gain you 1 mana of a specific colour everytime, it’s a kind of weak effect but but actually you can plan ahead and it’s another bit of math you get to add to your strategy, I do like those. There are of course powerful ones that are really good too. Chaos cards really good.

Q: Is the soundtrack going to be in a bundle?

A: I think so, yeah.

Q: Will Bum-Bo have optimisation for weaker PCs?

A: I think there’s a few options on launch and you can choose lower end and smaller resolution, but I’m not too sure how it performs on bad PCs.

Q: How many secret characters are there?

A: There’s a few. Not a tonne but a few. I have an idea for another one, if you guys are good and the game does really well maybe we’ll just add another character in there.

Questions from the Fourth Q&A Livestream

Q: Bum-Bo hard mode?

A: Bum-Bo hard mode is a bit of a spoiler, but as you probably would assume as I’ve done this for a few games the more you play the game the harder it gets. So I’m playing at max difficulty, it’s scaled up all the way. Which behinds the scenes means that more enemies are allowed to prime, there’s a limit to that depending on what chapter you’re on, hearts in the store cost more and you yield a bit less coins unless you play really well.

Q: Will we get something like the basement seed in Isaac?

A: Uh…no. This isn’t a game I don’t think you’d get alot of joy out of busting the game apart. There’s more strategy involved and I think there’s more being rewarded with strategic play than just being busted.

Q: Is Loaf a beefier brownie?

A: Yeah I’d say so. I mean he’s a beefier brownie, he’s all grown up.

Q: What character design do you find the most interesting?

A: There are these characters called the Shygals, you guys haven’t seen and I had fun designing the way they look.

Q: Is Bum-Bo Isaac’s dad?

A: He doesn’t look like Isaac’s dad, I don’t think so.

Q: Can RNG screw you over like in Isaac?

A: I think it can screw you over less than ijn Isaac. The way it divvies these out is very specific so the chances of it screwing you over are very low, you’re going to get the same ratio of tiles for the most part every single time. So if you screw up it’s on you. You can get screwed over by like not really planning ahead and then getting a really difficult room really early that deals a bunch of damage to you, and then you just don’t have enough to take a beating later.

Q: How confident are you that the game will be balanced day 1?

A: I think it will be 98% balanced on day 1. That’s the goal anyway. I have a feeling that after the next build that goes up there’s a bunch of things that are currently up right now that James is working on for balance, it’s mostly to balance bosses. I think that once those are in we’re looking at something that’s pretty balanced…complete but there’s also a big difference between 20 testers and 1000s of people playing the game at once so, you know, as we go the more people that play the more people report things that are OP or are too difficult or bugs and whatever else and we’ll definitely be fixing them and tuning things a little bit.

Q: What’s the max health?

A: The max health is 6.

Q: Am I excited to release the game?

A: Yes, I’m excited. I’ver very very excited. This game is very cool and turned out better than I expected and I think it’s a great sequel to a game that you all love.

Q: Did I do the voice for the live action Bum-Bo?

A: I originally did the voice for the live action Bum-Bo but then I wanted Mathias to be Bum-Bo, so he took over and did that. His Bum-Bo is better than mine.

Q: Branching paths?

A: Currently there are no branching paths, it just goes all the way through. Obviously if we do a DLC in the future I would like to make more areas which wouldn’t really branch as much as they would kind of do, but maybe…currently there are no branches paths.

Q: Will the final boss have a gun?

A: That sounds f**king cool, I think maybe he could have one of those swords that is all jagged and twisted, and neon pink to blue scale like shiny, and then like one of those t-shirts that have the blue flame on it. It’ll be f**king rad.

Q: Will this come out on Xbox?

A: We need to figure out how to control the game with a controller, like how to do this match system and then have access to all these things (moves cursor to show right side of HUD stuff) on a controller so it can actually work on console and stuff. Because on Switch I was just thinking people can use the touchscreen and that’s it, I said that one time and people were like “oh is it going to be touchscreen only, I don’t want touchscreen only!” so we’ve got to figure it out.

Q: Do you plan on doing character specific areas?

A: I’m not sure if you mean character specific runs kind of like what they did with Dicey Dungeons, I’m not sure what you mean. They’re all going to be completely random and infinitely replayable due to the random items and the item combinations and the states in rooms. I don’t like making custom specific areas for characters.

Q: Will there be multiple endings?

A: Yes, there will be multiple endings.

Q: Are there going to be challenges like in Isaac?

A: Uh…no. There are no challenges currently in the game.

Q: Favourite boss?

A: My favourite boss right now is Pyre (not too sure on spelling), you guys haven’t seen him. But I also like the visual design of the Shygals.

Q: Bum-Bo comic?

A: He’s not the most deep character, I don’t think a comic would work.

Q: Is it possible to get a combo larger than 7?

A: I’ve not seen it done but it does seem theoretical if you could somehow kill two tiles at once and drop down wilds. Yeah you could possibly do it, I don’t know but it would probably break the game right now. The highest reward is 7. Trying to set up a combo like that would be near impossible and you’d just have to be really f**cking lucky in order to do it. You could probably break the game and do something like that, so we probably should make sure that doesn’t break the game if it happens. Not sure if it does as I’ve never seen it.

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