Tactical Craft Online – FAQ

Tactical Craft Online - FAQ
Tactical Craft Online - FAQ

Do you have no idea how this game works? It’s a confusing game and noone really helps explain. Therefore I made this guide.


Q: What do I start with?!

Open the (M)ap. (….The M button). Your group of characters or for now, single character is a faintly visible, red box outline. Press the zone button; IF YOU ARE IN A RED ZONE, GET IN A GREEN OR YELLOW ZONE. Now, find a place with: A bot respawner and a ressurection point.

Q: I can’t move (to the next area), what the heck?!
A: Press I. If the weight at the bottom is over the max you cannot move outside the area. Press U, same here except if your character (unit from now on) is full he cannot move. Otherwise you can only move on tiles that have a path to them and can be “selected”. Try moving to the border of the area. If that doesn’t work you may be bugged and should restart the game (rare bug)

Q: Okay, what now?
A: Find or build a workbench. You can gather the resources needed from stones and trees, and craft them using the hand(C)rafting menu.

Next, you’ll need to craft an Altar of Power. Only a workbench can craft this item. HOWEVER…

Q: What’s.. Wait, I didn’t ever ask this.
A: TECHNOLOGY POINTS ARE IMPORTANT. Press T to open the Technology menu. Now go to production and construction and research the technology that allows you to craft the Altar.

Q: What is the Altar of Power / How do I claim an area?
A: You might’ve guessed it by the question, but the Altar of Power claims a 5×5 area for you. In this area noone can use your items (except certain things like shops or reception shops). However it uses Dark Power to keep this area claimed. If it runs out your altar dissappears.

Q: Wait, how do I get those Crystals?
A: This is the MOST ANNOYING PART. You will need to find spiders. Move adjacent to them. Right click them. Then when they dissappear move onto the red box and press G and pick up the crystals you hopefully got. Then, you will die several times, even after dying, of poison. You only need to do this once. Hopefully. After that there are easier ways to get them.

And an important tip: NEVER kill small animals if you don’t desperately need their resources.

Q: How do I get Dark Power?
A: Since you’re still here after that section with crystals, you might actually be open minded enough to enjoy this game. Good! Dark Power can be obtained by killing bots. Bots are much, MUCH easier to fight than the dreaded Small Animals.

Q: How do I find bots?
A: Bots are either scattered around OR spawned by the bot spawner you hopefully found. You can use battle mode (bottom right, top left button) to fight them. You need to click their name and then click the button. Then you can click ready if you are ready. HOWEVER:

Q: How do I kill bots?
A: Bots are pretty strong and come in groups. HOWEVER… You can use the resurrection point you hopefully found to buy units with game coins. Furthermore you can buy weapons with game coins. You can also craft weapons, but good weapons are much harder to craft and reserved for mid to late game.

Q: How do I get Game Coins?
A: Press the TRADE button in the bottom right. Now press reception shops in the menu that pops up. Click Connection on one of the shops. You can drop items in the EXCHANGE box to sell them if they’re wanted by the owner.

Q: Help! I’m still getting wrecked by bots!
A: Press the arena button (The big button opposite to the TRADE button). Press Create Arena. Then “The battle with bots”. Now “Create Arena” at the bottom.

Q: What is Satiety?/How do I eat?/What are genes?
A: To restore Satiety, put an item with Satiety points in a unit’s inventory and right click it. Almost every food item gives you some genes of one type, while reducing the amount of the other types. Genes increase a unit’s stats.

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