Warmonger – FAQ: Legions and Fortresses

Warmonger - FAQ: Legions and Fortresses
Warmonger - FAQ: Legions and Fortresses

A simple & straight FAQ on legion and fortress management.

Legion Management

1.1) How to level up a legion?

Get fame from clearing purple skulls (monster invasion), taking neutral PVE fields or defending/attacking the other nation.

When you have enough EXP (check it by pressing G -> Legion Information), go to the last tab (Admin) and press the Level Up button. If you don’t have enough legion gold, refer to question #1.5.

The more people from your legion in a map, the higher fame/EXP it’ll get. With a limit on that bonus, of course.

1.2) What’s legion gold for?

Wages (Q #1.7), leveling (as mentioned above), legion warehouse expansion and Civil War betting (more details at question #2.2).

1.3) What’s ether for?

Apart from the consequence of it increasing wages, its functionality right now is strictly to make legion gold. Each ether sells for 700 legion gold.

1.4) When should I buy or sell ether?

Due to the limited functionality on ethers now-a-days, you’ll mostly sell your ethers. I can’t think of any benefit of buying ethers.

1.5) How do I get ether?

When you have a land’s ownership (press M -> click any field and check “Owner Legion”), you’ll automatically receive ether within an interval for a certain amount of time (values to be confirmed). Refer to the next question for further details.

1.6) How do I get a land’s ownership?

Build a War Nexus by paying 500 legion fame, so use this option wisely. You can check whether you can build a War Nexus by going into ‘G -> Admin tab -> Authority Change’. In order to build it you have to be the first one to get into a battlefield and click to build the nexus.

Alternatively, in case your legion has a fortress you can set a Reinforced Nexus, Amplification Ether, Twisted Dimension or No-Entrance core into a field with no owner.

1.7) What’s wage?

It’s a portion of the legion’s gold which will be distributed every Saturday 04:00. The total wage value is defined by how much gold and ether a legion has, and how much people will receive individually (out of this value) is based on their contribution.

Contribution is a weekly value legion members have according to how much fame they’ve made. It can be checked real-time in the member list tab.

1.8) What’s dividend?

It’s a deprecated function, don’t worry about this one. It used to be a gold share out of the legion’s fundry to those who owned legion stocks (which are not obtainable anymore).

Fortress Management

2.1) How do I get a fortress?

Win a Civil War (#2.2), or obtain a Fragment of Grabie via Holy Gift event (#2.6).

2.2) Civil war – what’s it?

It’s a scheduled event that happens every Sunday 20:00, where legions from the same nation fight eachother for a fortress’ ownership. You have to sign-up for it by betting legion gold between Saturday 00:00 and 23:59. The legion who pays the highest value will become a Challenger for that specific fortress and able to fight Sunday.

It takes place into the targeted fortress, and like a regular PVP battlefield, the teams will have to destroy the enemy’s nexus. Make sure you have your legion members all in that fortress, since you’ll only get summoned once when the clock hits 20:00 – this works for both attacking and defending party.

2.3) How do I get fort mastery?

Level up a fortress. Each time you level it, it’ll get a mastery point, which can be used to unlock fort masteries. They improve the fort’s NPCs and can be used by anyone from your nation.

There is a gold cost when unlocking masteries, which is reduced from the tax treasury of that fort. No legion gold or player gold can be used on that.

2.4) How do I get fortress EXP/level?

Either via tax collection or donation. In the Fortress Info interface, the EXP gauge has 7 bars.

Donation: any player can convert from their own gold into legion experience by visiting Hadrian in the specific fortress (top-left corner of the map). Remember: this has to be a national effort, so the values can be a bit high.

Once you have enough EXP, you’ll have to pay a gold amount (usually 10M or 20M) from the tax treasury. No legion gold or player gold can be used on that.

2.5) When should I receive tax from fort? Is it worth?

Personally I’d avoid receiving taxes until the fortress is at least LV4, because the EXP table becomes really hard for it to level only by donations. Until then, it’s not worthwhile – you’re better using them to pay fort leveling and mastery/upgrade cost. So, the ideal until LV4+ is: get EXP by player donation and avoid collecting taxes.

Taxes can be retrieved from a fort on Sundays between 21:00 and 23:59. They’ll be converted into legion gold.

2.6) What is the Holy Gift event?

It’s another scheduled event that happens from Monday to Saturday 07:00 and 19:00.

When the clock hits these dates, a blue triforce will appear on the map in a random territory. It is supposed to last 90 minutes (sometimes the duration can be extended) and the legion who has ownership on that land will claim the prizes – it can be from any nation.

2.7) What are the possible rewards for the Holy Gift event?

  • Fragment of Grabie – builds a fortress in that location. It doesn’t require a fortress to be able to claim it. It’s suspected (not confirmed by the staff) there is a 2-fortresses limit per nation, so Grabie may not build another fort in case this limit has been reached. 
  • Fragment of Frey – increases max MP by 5%. Everyone in the nation where this fragment is active will get the its benefit. Only a legion who owns a fortress can claim this Holy Gift. This can be stacked with other fortresses.
  • Fragment of Ru – increases max HP by 5%. All the rules for Fragment of Frey are applied to this one. 
  • Fragment of Innus – enables the fort to move up to 2 cells on activation. Everytime you move a fortress with it, the durability will be reduced by 10. Also, when the fortress move you’ll lose the current fortress’ shields (more details in question #2.9). Only a legion who owns a fortress can claim this Holy Gift.

2.8) Can I lose/destroy a fortress?

Yes. It can be done by sieging an enemy fortress. I won’t go into strategical details (it deserves an in-depth guide), but all it takes to kill a fort is attacking it until all shields are gone (Press M -> click a fortress and check its status). When the guardian Cherubim inside a fortress dies, it’ll lose a shield and part of its taxes is distributed through the victors.

2.9) How to increase fort shield?

Fort shield will auto-regen periodically. Interval yet to be confirmed.
Also, the default maximum shield capacity for fortresses is 3, you can increase it by getting a sub-mastery at Fort & Core upgrade.

Tips and Notes

Fortresses will receive a small percentage of every sale and service budget from its NPCs, so if your fort lacks tax gold, you can dump gold in it from your own pocket by selling/re-purchasing items to the NPC. We usually buy decomposition hammers (due to high value), sell them back to NPC and buy back.

All times used in this FAQ are based on the server’s clock. Type /time in-game to check it.

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