Wanted Killer VR – FAQ

Wanted Killer VR - FAQ
Wanted Killer VR - FAQ

This handy FAQ covers the less obvious intricacies of the game.


How do I enable Free Movement (moving with controllers), and why is it off by default?

To enable Free Movement, go to the lobby and select the settings icon in the control panel below the central display. After selecting the settings button, the central screen will then display a list of options. At the bottom of the options list is a toggle switch which will enable/disable free movement. Alternatively, you can pause the game anytime and toggle free movement on/off there. The option is off by default but you can turn it on in the tutorial before starting the first mission. People on our own team are split 50/50 on the topic, so we will leave it up to our players to decide on how they want to play. The game fully supports both options, and the gameplay experience for both options is really fun!

What is headshot efficiency? How is this percentage being calculated?

Headshot efficiency is the headshot to kill ratio calculated as percentage. For example, shooting an enemy a couple of times in the foot and then finishing them off with a headshot gives you a 1 headshot per 1 kill ratio, and thus a headshot efficiency of 100%. Certain enemy types do not die instantaneously from a headshot. Shooting them in the head without killing them does not count into your headshot efficiency. Only headshots that finish the enemy off count toward the headshot efficiency.

How do I earn points?

The following actions will earn you points: Headshot Kills, Melee Kills, Killing an enemy via a “standard kill” (i.e. not a headshot or melee kill), juggling an enemy after killing them and receiving the “Juggle” notification, and teleporting to a defeated enemy. The simple action of shooting an enemy will also gain you points, and you will receive even more points for shooting lethal areas. The more difficult the enemy type, the more points you will receive per shot. E.g. you get more points for killing a shotgun trooper than an SMG foot soldier.

Which pistols are in the game right now, and what are their secondary functions?

Presently, the shield pistol, dead eye pistol, freeze pistol, and burst pistol are starting weapons that you can unlock in the game. We plan on adding more soon, and we’ll update this list with new arrivals as they become available in the game. In the following, the secondary fire mode (“Gun Skill”) of each pistol is explained:

  • Shield pistol: When the trigger is held down, energy is taken from the ammunition reserves to produce a small shield that will allow you to block incoming attacks. The shield lasts for a brief moment until it needs to be recharged. 
  • Burst pistol: When the trigger is held down, the pistol will charge up several rounds which will all fire at once when the trigger is released. You will have to wait for a full charge, or the burst pistol will only fire a single round. 
  • Dead eye pistol: When the trigger is held down, the gun’s onboard targeting system locks on to a target and lets the aim assist make up for any inaccuracy issues. After eliminating a target, the pistol’s onboard targeting system will need to be re-activated on a new target. 
  • Freeze pistol: Holding down the trigger will focus the entropic force into a round that will send out a freezing blast to anything – or anyone – in its effect radius. 

You can explore each gun in the lobby in the “Loadout” section under “Customize”. After picking one up, look on the right and left screen for the stats of the gun in the respective hand. In the bottom right, you can switch from viewing the gun stats to the gun skills.

What are currencies and what do they do?

There are three currency types, and they are all earned by completing missions: XP is used to level up your Player & Character Level, Stars are used to unlock new weapons, and Coins are spent on upgrading your character’s base weapons.

Player Level vs. Character Level vs. Pistol Level – How do I level up what and what’s the respective effect?

  • Player Level is your “overall level” and increases when the XP gained from playing a mission is granted upon the successful completion of that mission. A reward for a Player Level increase is not yet implemented in the game, but will come in a near future update. 
  • Character Level increases the same way, but XP is only applied to the character that was used to complete the mission. Leveling up your character increases their health and shield. 
  • Pistol Level increases by upgrading it with coins. Leveling up the pistol increases damage, accuracy, reload time, clip size, rate of fire and the gun skill. 

How do I upgrade guns other than my pistols?

This is character dependent. For example, Ricky is the pistol expert and his base weapons are the above mentioned pistols. Mia, Teo, and Aya will have their own unique base weapon types, complete with unique upgrade options.

Can I finish the game without ever teleporting?

While you can cover a lot of ground using free locomotion (see Freedom of Movement announcement), there are sections of the game that require you to teleport, for example when crossing a huge gap between two skyscrapers.

What is “Next Mission” in the lobby and on the “Mission Complete”-screen? Which mission will I play when I click it?

Selecting “Next mission” will move you linearly to the next unlocked mission in the story.

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