Surviving Mars – Game FAQ

Surviving Mars - Game FAQ
Surviving Mars - Game FAQ

A Frequently Asked Questions page for people that are either new to the game or struggling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I remove pipes and wires?

To remove pipes and wires from your colony, you simply need to select the “Infrastructure” tab on your construction bar (bottom left of the screen or by right clicking) and select the “Salvage” tool, then just click the item you want removed and you are good to go.

Why are my drones not working?

There are two main reasons why your drones may not be working. Option one is that they are not assigned to a drone hub or RC drone. This means that they simply will not budge until assigned. They can be assigned by selecting the idle drone and right clicking the drone hub, they will then begin their very important work on your colony. The second reason could be that the thing you are trying to build is simply outside of your RC drone / drone hubs range. To fix this problem you can either move your RC drone so that it is within range of the building (Range is seen my the blue hexagons when you select the drone) or build a drone hub to cover the area, the drones still need to be able to be in range of your resources however.

Where is the ideal spot to initially land?

The ideal spot to land at the start of the game is somewhere that is abundant with resources, mainly metal and water. Being central will also help in the early game when anomalys need to be scanned. This will mean that your exploration drone should have enough charge to reach all the nooks and crannies in the map.

What research should I focus?

For early game researches I would highly suggest focusing drone-based items. This will help you maintain a stable colony throughout all stages of the game and will only strengthen you. In the mid game I would suggest focusing research for your colonists, eg: accomodation and power upgrades. This will help maintain a stable population and prevent power loss to critical systems such as oxygen generators, which if lost without a backup, will mean the demise of your colony.

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  1. Ok, but how do I *really* remove pipes because the salvage button isn’t there. I’m on the tutorial trying to build a new dome, I connected the new dome with a pipe, but the game built an additional pipe right over the entrance to the dome. So it’s telling me to connect the domes with a passage which cannot happen because pipes, and I can’t remove the pipes because.

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