LUNA The Shadow Dust – FAQ

LUNA The Shadow Dust - FAQ
LUNA The Shadow Dust - FAQ


Q: How long is the game?

A: The experience varies and on average it should be around 5-7 hours. Very fast players may get it done in 4 hours, slower players may take 7-10 hour.

Q: Why do I run into bugs – didn’t you guys test the game?

A: We actually had a large number of beta testers on the game. Adventure games are quiet complex. There will always be someone who did things in an order nobody else did it before and may see a glitch or a bug nobody else had. There haven’t been many reported though and we have fixed them as fast as possible and will continue to do so. Please refer to the post Bugfixes/Reporting bugs to send us reports.

Q: When I install the game I get an error 51. Why?

A: The most common reason we’ve seen is a false by an anti-virus system (e.g. FSECURE). If it is possible deactivate that when you launch LUNA or define an exception for LUNA to launch properly.

Q: I have no anti-virus software but I get an error 51 anyway. Why?

A: That may be a problem with the installation. Go to your library and right click on the game in the list and select properties. In there you go to the Local Files tab and select “Verify Integrity of game files…” That will compare the local files with the files on the steam server and download what is needed or different

Q: I am stuck in the game! Can you help me?

A: No, we can’t we don’t have the resources to walk you through the game. It is part of adventure gaming to be stuck every now and then. Examine again to find out what the logic behind the puzzles is. Other than that refer to the forum posts and to internet resources. But wait, maybe we can help on our Discord. 😉

Q: I found a puzzle that makes no sense and is illogical. Why?

A: You may find it illogical but all puzzles are logical and there is no puzzle that requires trial and error to be solved. We know that sometimes it can be hard to remember all hints one may have gotten. Also it is not possible to communicate puzzle logic in a way that there never is a misunderstanding.

Q: Can I play the game with a gamepad/controller?

A: As of now there is no controller support. But we agree it would be cool to make this a couch and living room experience.

Q: Can I play the game with a touch screen?

A: It is possible to play with a touch screen. But we have not fully tested and optimized it for touch screens. There may be occasions where hotspots are too small and stuff like that. We may look at that in the future.

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