Split or Steal – FAQ for Beginners

Split or Steal - FAQ for Beginners
Split or Steal - FAQ for Beginners

A little FAQ from experienced player to beginners.


Welcome to Split or Steal, dear new players. Here I will give some advices and FAQ.

Q: How should I spend money?

A: Well, for now you have 2 options: skins/lightings and HQ. Your main option is HQ. So, here is a roadmap how to develop it:

  • Build 15 Hotdog stands (if you like to split) or 15 Loanshark (if you are planning to become a thief) in HQ. Why only one type is recommended? To earn more money at the start by increasing your multi. Don’t build any other buildings!
  • Continue to build chosen buildings to 30-45 (depends on your choice). The more you build the easier game will be for you.
  • Don’t build anything, just collect money for 62 museums (185,5 mil. coins). Museums will give you artifacts, about them I will write below.
  • Demolish all buildings in HQ and build 62 museums in one time.

As for skins, I highly recommend you to buy at least one cheap skin. It will give you at least some individuality. Experienced players don’t like default skins in High Tiers and suspicious about them.

Q: Skins give me artifact bonus. Should I buy them all and waste all my money on it?

A: Artifact bonus from skins is tiny. You shouldn’t buy too many skins for the artifacts.

Q: I want artifacts right now! Why can’t I just start with museums?

A: 1 artifact gives in average 0,0425 additional coin multi. In start you will develop much, really much slower, than players with hotdogs or loansharks. There effect becomes important when you get a lot of them. And such amounts will be only in mid- or lategame.

Besides, orgs with nice split/steal multi will need your contributed org multi in split/steal, not your 0.01 arts/day. So, this will be a big mistake to build museums/other arts buildings at the beginning.

Q: How can I join the org?

A: The only way is to write leader in chat or send application if you know the code of org. There is a spreadsheet, made by players with list of orgs, though many of them are dead:

You can also ask codes in chat, or look at players org in match history by pressing on them.

Q: Should I create my own org?

A: Only if you are going to invite players in it and develop. In other cases it’s better to join existing org.

Q: What org is better for me?

A: Usually players with the same bonuses are trying to stick together: splitters org, stealers org and artifacts org. By income it’s the best because combining same bonuses of other org members will maximize your profits.

Q: What about heists? Do I need them?

A: NO. Heists are very expensive feature for late game.

Q: What are negative effects of being heisted?

A: NONE of them! Victim don’t have any negative effects, he even won’t notice that.

Q: How to improve attack and defence? Should I build def buildings in HQ or raise/low karma?

A: These ones are for heists only. Forget about them, they really useless until mid game!

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